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Co-Parenting Self-Care: Taking Inventory of Our Relationships

Parents need to take care of themselves so they can take care of their children. One of the ways is to evaluate the relationships in their lives.

Co-Parenting: It's Not About Being Right

Successful co-parenting is not about being right, its' about getting it right. Kids First Center Facilitator shares about the training he brings to the classes he facilitates.

Co-Parenting Counseling: It’s OK to Need Help

Moving into co-parenting is often challenging. It's okay to need help moving into the co-parenting role. An attorney provides helpful insights for co-parenting.

Co-Parenting: Avoiding the Distortion of Polarization

Family Therapist, Steve Young, provides insights into how co-parents can move beyond polarization and work together to raise happy and successful children.

Co-Parenting and Financial Abuse

Kids First board member, Marjorie McAvoy, shares her personal story of financial abuse and offers tips for moving forward during a difficult time in the life of a child.

Kids First Center's Social Work Interns

Learn about the experiences of our social work interns helping parents and kids navigate the separation and divorce process at Kids First Center.

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Executive Director Messages

Journey to Successful Coparenting

Successful co-parenting is a journey and doesn't happen overnight. Kids First Center's comprehensive co-parenting classes can help parents the skills they need to be great co-parents for their kids.

Resilience and Hope

Resilience is a life skill. Kids First works with parents to help them teach adaptability to their children as a skill that lasts a life-time.

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