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Working Through Divorce with Kids

Videos from the Experts

Do's and Don'ts: Talking to Your Kids About Separation and Divorce

Susan Wiggin
Masters in Social Work

This video offers important information surrounding how and what is appropriate to share with your children to keep them feeling safe and secure throughout the process of separation and divorce.

The Weekly Phone Call

Steve Young
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

How to organize and conduct an effective and coordinated weekly call that is child focused and goal oriented.

How To Tell the Kids

Sarah Maloney
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

One of the hardest things about divorcing and separating is figuring out how to tell the kids. How do you even start?

This short webcast will help you decide what to say, when to say it and who should be present. The way you handle this very important conversation will set the stage for how you will communicate some very tough changes ahead for you and your children.

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