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Kids First for Kids Returns

Dear Friends,

We hope that your holiday season was a joyful one and, if you are co-parenting, that all your advance planning and communication with your co-parent helped to make the spirit bright for all! Now as we plunge into the New Year ahead, we can reflect on what worked well throughout 2023 for us and for our families, and what improvements may be in the works for 2024.

At Kids First, we are looking forward to another busy year with, most notably, the return of the Kid First for Kids! support groups for children. On hiatus since moving to an online format during the pandemic, The first in-person four-hour program is scheduled for March 9, 2024, so kids can benefit from the peer-to-peer interaction that only live classes can offer. We are excited to be helping families on generational levels as they move through the common challenges that separation and divorce present. For more information or to register your child/ren, please contact us or visit the Kids First Center's website at www.kidsfirstcenter.org.

Please read below to find out what else is in the works for the upcoming quarter; and don't forget to save April 25, 2024, on your calendars when the Kids First Center will be bringing you this year's fundraiser, a benefit concert, and auction at Aura in Portland featuring the band 12/OC. Tickets go on sale soon for this not-to-be-missed event. Check out this audio and hear what the fuss is all about!

Happy New Year,


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