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Co-Parenting: We're Doing It, and So Can You!

Parents discuss how the ICOPE program has helped them work through differences to become better co-parents for their children.

Five ways to Improve Your Co-Parenting Communication

Communication can be a challenge for divorced parents. These 5 tips can help improve communications for co-parents and their children.

Kids First for Women and Intimate Partner Violence

For women in abusive relationships, the Kids First for Women program has been a life-changing program. Read how from an expert.

Co-Parenting: Permission to be Happy on Holidays

Co-parenting during the holiday season can present a few challenges. Create new traditions and manage expectations for kids and adults alike with these insights.

Co-Parenting: Stepping Back and Checking In with “The Power of the Pause”

In coparenting, taking time to pause to listen, reflect and observe can helps put situations in perspective and give parents a chance to recalibrate events.

Children of Divorce: The Invaluable Impact of Stepparents

Stepparents can make a big impact on a child's life. Read about one woman's experience with stepparents and how they shaped her life.

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Executive Director Messages

Co-Parenting: Choosing “Treat” this Halloween

"Treat" your children to a happy and memorable Halloween this year with these helpful co-parenting tips and "tricks". Have a Happy Halloween!

Co-Parenting with Food

Co-parenting can be challenging. Shared meals and kind words can improve communication between parents and children.

Flagship Co-Parenting Program Revised and Revitalized!

Our First Step program has been reviewed and fine-tuned for today's parents who use technology to communicate. Our class is now virtual.

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